Ordering Starwind5: A Few facts

Starwind5 is now available in the following configurations:  allow 6 to 8 weeks for delivery depending on production schedules and quantities

To order send your inquiries by email to info@harvistor.com be sure to include the following information:

Subject: Ordering Starwind5

Body: be sure to include information about your power requirements and send us a Google Map location of you site so we can help site  and size the height of your mount system properly given local conditions and influences for your electricity generation site.

Part#                          Description                                                          Retail Price (US$)

1421-1.5kW         Starwind5 Model 1421 1.5kW Nameplate                 3995.00              Integrators call for discount

2233-3.0kW         Starwind5 Model 2233 3.0kW Nameplate                6995.00               Integrators call for Discount

2842-4.5kW        Starwind5 Model 2842  4.5kW Nameplate                9995.00               Integrators call for Discount

T-Mast-SMLL     Starwind5 T-mast for above products 3m Height      1995.00               Integrators call for Discount

What will be my power output? Expect 33% of Nameplate on average in sites with an avg. 7m/s per hour annually,  where any obstructions are 100m away and below the height of the turbine.

Siting Assistance: Please send email for free siting assistance and power calculation and ROI advice by sending email to info@harvistor.com  Attention Robert Reive.

Warranty Information: 90 day defective parts return warranty, all  replacement product/parts and new products ship via  www.kenway.com FOB Maine, USA. All shipping costs and arrangements to an from the FOB ship point are the responsibility of the buyer.

Starwind5 is warranted as a properly installed system for 10 years under normal use, warranty is void for systems hit by lightning. System life design is 25 years, lubrication of bearings is recommended every 5 years. Clean blades and filters at least once per year.

Installation/Packaging: All above  Starwind5 systems are shipped partially assembled in four pieces, allow 2 hours for full assembly first time for one person. Screw driver and Allen Key wrench are required, as are socket wrench  and spanner kits. Starwind5 Systems are packaged in palette supported Plywood and Fir Crates with individual parts wrapped in bubble wrap.