AC or DC Power?: Starwind5 Low Mount Flexible Ordering Options, Alxion and Missouri Wind & Solar.

Starwind5 supports the installation of AC or DC generator sets of the Permanent Magnet Variety.  Default vendors are Alxion (France) for AC, or Missouri Wind and Solar DC, where a premium is paid for AC.

AC  Generators  operate in Wild AC mode capable of travelling great distances from the Starwind5 Turbine to a differently placed charge and/or grid controller, where cable costs are significantly lower than DC cable, especially when using 24 or 12V DC battery options, where the cost of matching DC cables would be too expensive to justify the installation.

DC on the other hand can be economically feasible for Starwind5 Turbines roof top mounted and co-located near their controllers due to the higher efficiency over short distances of DC cable. 48V DC generator sets will use thinner gauge cable and might be the happy medium for many installations with modest distances between the Starwind5 Turbine and the controller.

Interestingly Missouri Wind and Solar can supply their generator sets without bridge rectifiers, which means the MWS gensets are really AC Alternator style generators. Installer which see a need to supply both AC and DC versions of Starwind5 should consider using just MWS for their Starwind5 configurations when specifying genset type at time of order so as to keep a spare on hand for replacement our power re-sizing (more wind than originally thought, or increased tower height at a later date.)

Both Alxion and MWS are known for low initial cogging resistance making each ideal for Low Mount Turbulent wind sites where the wind resources may be marginal at best and where Starwind5 is put into duty as an auxiliary power generation system to top up batteries for larger Solar Installations.

Starwind5 Generator Set mount hardware can also be adapted to virtually any compact  generator set of AC or DC type at very low cost, all we need is the physical dimensions  and the power ratings an we are able to modify the mount kit and get the mount position right inside the Starwind5 generator set housing to adapt to the generator set of your choice.

So as new generator sets with better efficiency, durability an lighter weight come on to the market Starwind5 is ready today to adapt to tomorrow’s new technology.