Starwind5 Bi-drectional Rotation Options deliver Highest Power Density: Rooftop or Field Mount Clusters

Starwind5 can be configured at assembly time to rotate clockwise or counterclockwise. By Staggering your layout and alternating rotation direction of each Starwind5, a cluster of Starwind5 Turbines can be mounted only two diameters apart enabling your Starwind5 Power Generation Facility to deliver as much as  400% more power density in a given area versus conventional  HAWT small wind turbines or other VAWT turbines which can only rotate in one direction.

University of Delft in Belgium, and the USA NREL National Renewable Energy Labs in co-operation with  University of California in Los Angeles in the USA have both definitively proven in field tests VAWTS can be staggered in a same height layout with minimal spacing with alternating clockwise and counterclockwise rotations to produce high density power generation facilities not possible with competing HAWTs. VAWTS especially capable of creating lift on the windward side  using inward lift aerodynamics like Starwind5 will always outproduce outward lift VAWTs by at least 25% in this configuration.