Starwind5 Power Density: Rapid Wake Dispersion makes your wind power generation project bankable.


Harvistor Starwind5 Copyright 2015 All rights Reserved . Power Density per acre/hectare is clearly the forte of Starwind5 and what customers are looking for in multiple field and roof top small wind turbine deployments to maximize their returns within a finite amount of power generation space.

Whether it be a fence line deployment or roof top deployment of Starwind5 Low Mount Wind Turbines,  the ability to disperse the small wind turbine wake rapidly to return the wind to a semi turbulent cross flow loaded with enough kinetic power for use by the succeeding Starwind5 turbine is the key to hitting or exceeding your annual energy production targets,  thus ensuring the best  return on investment and make your project bankable (ability to get financing for your project) in the first place.

At Harvistor, we understand how to design rapid wake dispersion into the Starwind5 to ensure your clean power generation project  has the best power density per acre or hectare, so your returns are the best in the industry.

First the curved  “Tipless” Eggbeater Darrieus design  of the Starwind5 has been proven to have the best rapid wake characteristic of any wind turbine. Flowind proved this first with their large low mount deployments (over 800 wind turbines) in the 1980s and 90s in California’s Tehachapi and Alta Mount Passes for both Southern California Edison and Pacific Gas and Electric. No other turbine type could be packed together so densely as the curved Eggbeater and still produce useful annual energy production amounts. This fact remains true today in the Starwind5 Low Mount Wind Turbine.

Second the Starwind5’s unique copyrighted rotor blade and airfoil geometry  mounting telemetry design together with the use of five blades transforms the proven curved Eggbeater design into the best hi density small wind power generation solution, with the best power density per acre or hectare ensuring your power generation investment achieves the best Levelized Cost of Energy “LCOE”.

Third, proper spacing between Starwind5 Low Mount Wind Turbines, as well as correct height relative to the prevailing wind directions and the use of pairing  or triangulating Starwind5’s in alternating clockwise and counterclockwise configurations ensure the best power density for small wind on the market.

These three facts guarantee Starwind5 is the best bankable solution for your clean power generation project with excellent product and site design  backed by latest proven simulation and  test science (see photo above). At Harvistor we stand  behind every Starwind5 Low Mount Wind Turbine our partners deploy in their micro grid or off grid  projects. (Qblade is the development of TU Berlin)

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