Starwind5: OTS IoT SaaS: Cloud Magic


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“Internet of Things” IoT, is the latest rage these days. To de-mystify the expression in a few words is hard, but we will give it a try, IoT amounts to converting proprietary “M2M” Machine to Machine,industrial and utility control/monitoring/reporting applications where the end of these “Thing” networks (sensors, drives, SLCs (small logic controllers), motors, actuators, etc..,)  and their serial (USB, Zigbee, RS-4/2xx-x) or  real-time (Canbus other proprietary networking) communications activity and data are either gateway connected to and/or converted to the Internet Protocol based networks capable of supporting real-time “RT”  communications over the cloud ( A Cloud is made up of SDN “Software Defined Networks” where server infrastructure is living in VMs “Virtual Machines”, tended to by intelligent provisioning, monitoring and control management systems where end users access IoT capabilities via SaaS “Software as a Service” through their browser based device).

Now that was a mouthful. 🙂

OTS in the software world, simply means “Off the Shelf” which in IT terms means the ability to use either Opensource Software Solutions as is with little modification or shrink wrap software in the same sense. OTS In the hardware world  it means the same, where hardware vendor modification is allowed within the configuration options of the device, router, switch, etc…

SaaS is a well worn IT term nowadays “Software as a Service” which seems to apply to everything in the “Cloud”. When one lifts the hood on the “Cloud” however, there are multiple layers of which SaaS rides on top to serve up the Dashboards we run on our mobile devices these days from Web Servers, which are largely controlled by Application Servers (running on Enterprise Java Run-time Environments “JRE”) querying and storing their data through subsystems which are very good at optimizing the use of in memory and on disk Database Servers. These server layers, are complimented with Real time compiler & test (PaaS “Platform as a Service”), provisioning, monitoring, control and provisioning tools (IaaS “Infrastructure as a Service”, which themselves are often three tier servers of Web, Application and Indexed Database and/or Flat (multi media) File Data servers. Often all of the above are maintained by SPs “Service Providers” of different flavors, who host these environments at IXPs “Internet eXchange Points” found through out the physical world of the Internet, another fancy word for Shared Data Centers.

Ok enough of this tech stuff. What is important to know is Starwind5 leverages all of the above, as ready-made infrastructure, services and tool sets which is tightly integrated by Starwind5 together with it’s solution , technology and service partners as an integrated distributed power facility management architecture we call:

Starwind5 OTS “IoT SaaS”  : Integrated with Mobisun and Schneider.

Starwind5’s IoT is an “Off The Shelf” Internet of Things made available to end users, installers and maintainers as Software as a Service through their browser enabled devices, delivered as a set of useful remote control, monitoring and reporting dashboard mobile Apps and PC/Laptop browser-based Applications.

At Starwind5 we work with world class  power control and monitoring partner Schneider when integrating  Starwind5 with to deliver our Starwind5 OTS IoT capabilities as SaaS so as to be “browser” available anywhere in the world you decide to deploy your hybrid Mobisun/Starwind5 Mobile Power Station to support your off-grid power generation and storage facility.

Tight IoT Integration = Customized  Monitoring/Control/Reporting Dashboards 

Starwind5 and Mobisun have worked together these past months to create a tight integration of IoT on top of the Schneider power control and monitoring IoT software platform found in the heart of every Mobisun Mobile Power Station to make it easy for Installer/Maintainers to operate their hybrid Wind/Solar/Diesel/Battery power generation and storage facility via easy to use Management Dashboards which load as Apps right on their Android an iPhone mobile devices and on their regular laptops and PCs as simple to use Browser “work anywhere” applications.

Starwind5/Mobisun’s tight integration manifests itself in a set of browser available Dashboards for easy to use remote monitoring, control and reporting of the  Starwind5/Mobisun hybrid Wind/Solar/Diesel/Battery based Mobile Power Station.

Pulling IoT together: Schneider/Mobisun/Starwind5- Cloud Magic

The SaaS part of the hybrid Wind/Solar/Diesel/Battery Starwind5/Mobisun Mobile Power Station  is provided by reliable third party worldwide SaaS SPs whose daily job it is to keep you connected and updated on the operation of your power facility through their easy to use Cloud Services, doing it all  for just a few dollars per month. This is the Magic of the Cloud and IoT. 🙂