Video makes the Radio Star (et al)

some of us remember…

Buggles – Video killed the radio star 1979 (not… 🙂 )

Excuse the Advert…

Anyway, Radio today is still the star, of VIDEO!

in the form of  radio wireless transmission of video, to that new center of your life, your mobile device, smartphone or wireless tablet… anywhere, anytime…

Et Al…

Radio Base Stations and Next Gen Distributed Power Generation and Energy Storage

Before I explain”Et Al”, a little background on what is driving Radio as the big star of today’s Video Use age in mobile devices…


First consider the main reason our smartphones and tablets are full of apps? Connectivity. To what you may ask?

T o our favorite feeds, content, friends, business colleagues, education and family, more and more via VIDEO. All the time.

THE CHALLENGE: “Massive 10x GROWTH OF VIDEO BY 2020” (Cisco Systems)

Underlying this challenge? VIDEO, as we know it today, is the biggest real time “WIRELESS NETWORK BANDWIDTH” and “POWER SUCKING ALIEN” of our time.

And VIDEO use will get bigger, as mobile device use is still in its infancy as a video device in many user hands as a regular communication and viewing method, because it is expensive and we are still learning, modifying our group  and individual behavior daily to incorporate video use into our daily regimen to become second nature.

VIDEO NEEDS SOLUTION?: More LOW COST bandwidth… & Cheap Power.

What is certain is we will need a lot more Radio Base Stations and antennae to keep up. These 4G+  RBS systems are more efficient,  are capable of using lower cost energy sources on demand efficiently and are safe, which means radio frequencies and amplitudes which leave our RNA and DNA alone… 🙂



Consider the public grid loses up to 55% of the power generated centrally over antiquated, tax payer subsidized, power transmission and distribution infrastructure. This is neither a cheap nor efficient way to power a base station. We need to stop subsidizing centralized power generation, transmission and distribution AND mandate distributed  power generation and energy storage for Cell Tower  & Radio Base Station Power, and we need to help with tax payer subsidies to help more rapidly  drive battery prices lower  (they are dropping fast as we speak), as this is a better place to spend those tax dollars.


BIG VIDEO BANDWIDTH NEEDS  CHEAP OFF-GRID POWER & ENERGY STORAGE…to have any hope of delivering 10x video use growth, cheaply.

MASSIVELY PARALLEL  Smartphone and parallel access to Radio Base Station delivered  VIDEO needs lots of cheap, abundant low cost on demand power at the cell tower, namely Wind and Solar, to power very intelligent radio base stations capable of conserving power more efficiently that most if not all devices attached to the greater Internet of Things “IoT” .

The Radio Base Station  “time of use challenge” of low cost distributed off-grid power: Power generation from wind and solar used to support large scale video use over the mobile wireless network often occurs at times when VIDEO is not in high use. The solution is  low cost high power density energy storage systems. That means Nextgen Batteries are key in delivering that off-grid power in a timely fashion to the Radio base Station “Behind the Fence” without paying the public grid, where a return is realized in 3-5 years and the equipment is written off in 10 years. (Batteries need to last this long… 11-12 years)

At Harvistor, we do our part to support Video use growth. Our Starwind5 wind powered  micro generators are integrated into the Mobile and Portable Power Stations  and their Schneider solar, wind, backup engine and battery controllers managing Nextgen Battery Storage to provide those Radio Base Stations with the clean off-grid power they need.


Starwind5 does its job in VERY well  @ any low mount location if properly sited, for as much as 35% less cost as the competition (LOWER TOWER AND FOUNDATION COSTS), and is able to generate as much as 35% more power  at the lower height (MUCH BETTER AERODYNAMICS FOR LOW MOUNT TURBULENT WIND), so Harvistor is doing our part to support the explosive growth in Video use with Starwind5. our partner,  makes it a snap using the Schneider controller system to mix power generation from Starwind5 and Mobisun solar panels as needed to charge the batteries and deliver the Radio Base Stations the power they need on demand, as efficiently as possible for the lowest off-grid price.


Thanks largely to Tesla Battery pricing and market pressure the entire Battery Vendor market has responded  to drive Battery price/performance . As a result telecom grade batteries are rapidly getting cheaper and more power dense every month, following Moores law for the next 4-5 years in terms of price, performance, and that is a good thing! 🙂

So Radio is still the Star  of Video et al..with local off-grid Starwind5  wind power integrated into the Solar power generation and Schneider controlled next generation power storage and delivery feeding those very efficient power using Radio Base Stations which make your 10X growth of Video use possible.   😉