Self Sufficiency = Battery 3.0+ OP 2.0

Get Off-Grid, be self sufficient.

ogss 2_0

It’s what most Prepper minded folk want, price be damned.

The problem for the rest of us on budgets is the last part, damned that price!

Battery 3.0 to the rescue, with a little help from a friend “OP 2.0”?

Say What?

This past year, aside from Tesla cutting battery prices by 50%,  the little company that could, Canada’s own Electrovaya, made BATTERY 3.0 really come into play, CREATING A BATTERY CASSETTE with 5X more power density per cubic foot, or meter,  which lasts 9000 cycles, is cost competitive, allows 95 to 98% draw down with little battery capacity loss and is really safe (hammer a nail through it and still won’t explode). Electrovaya did it with a slick little acquisition of Evonik’s Litarion in Germany, to beat Tesla to the title of first Giga Battery factory in 2015. Nice. No wait, you can order the Electrovaya-Litarion modules or complete systems solutions today in 2016.


Electrovaya’s Giga Factory first is the first catalyst  in triggering emerging Off-Grid Self Sufficiency market,  at Starwind5 we call “OGSS 2.0”.

Electrovaya’s Litarion enabled Battery Cassette is a 10-25 year bankable solution. If it’s good enough for Mercedes Smart EV,  all 20,000 of them operating since 2013, re-charging daily (quick and deep), without a single failure, then that is good enough for you and I, and anyone interested in Off-Grid Self Sufficiency. Install and forget.  Best of all , any sane banker will finance your off-grid project, whether you are connected to the public grid or not. The number just work.

Enter “OP 2.0”. A re-born ICE “Internal Combustion Engine”

“OP” Opposed Piston Technology, essentially a re-work of the legendary Porsche “boxer” opposed piston engine, has become (after 15 years of hard work by a handful of well backed companies)  30% more efficient, 65% lighter, 50% fewer parts, 35% cleaner or more, runs on diesel or gas, take your pick, and you can order an OP 2.0 ICE solution for delivery as an OEM or big enterprise right now in 2016.

We call this big ICE break through (diesel or gas, take your pick) “OP 2.0”, because something old has become new again.

In our opinion at Starwind5, OP 2.0 has unknowingly become the big enabler of OFF-GRID SELF SUFFICIENCY!!!!

OP 2.0 is the good ole ICE re-invented by Ecomotors, Baxter Engineering (micro OP using std. auto parts), Achates Power and their partner Fairbanks Morse, companies that are well backed with Big Money and even Bigger Experience & Market Reach, driven by big market regulators, who are in fact setting harder to reach efficiency and clean air rules which have been helping these OP 2.0 Pioneers every step of the way, to now when you can finally order OP 2.0 in 2016.

Electrovaya-Litarion:  “THE ENERGY STORAGE HOLY GRAIL”

Stable Membrane meets Clean, green Efficient Lithium Ion Substrate production…

So what, you say?  Well, sometimes , and not very often, advancements in one branch of Science just seem to fit like lego blocks and we take a 2X leap forward in computing (Moore’s Law), and if we are luck we cookie cut and it repeats every  every 18-24 months (time is running out on current CPU tech. In Battery 3.0’s case Electrovaya-Litarion has jumped forward 5X with their “lego like” technology integration.

Better yet, the Electrovaya-Litarion convergence of two technologies: a stable ceramic membrane joined together with; a dry safe green production process,  has really delivered 2X better ROI value as Battery 3.0 and is the Energy Storage Holy Grail delivered, right now in 2016.

Thank you Electrovaya-Litarion and,

good bye Battery 1.0 and 2.0 and your dirty, dangerous, hugely power hungry production processes (and those vendors who support them) 😉

When 5X Tech improvement = 2X better ROI and LCOE

Building a Hybrid Power Generation and energy Storage Facility is a symphony of integration in five parts: Control and Monitoring, Wind, Solar, Engine Generator and Battery Storage

The 2X better ROI catch?  The Symphony of Integration only works if Battery 3.0 and OP 2.0 are properly sized at time of acquisition, modular and adaptable to changing power needs and  operationally balanced all the time. 🙂

Who’d  a thunk it eh?

Combustion technology  makes Off Grid Self Sufficiency  Happen in 2016!!!

Off-Grid Self Sufficiency 2.0 = Mobisun Mobile Power Station

Starwind5 plays a part in this symphony of technology integration to help  with system and site design in order to really achieve the generation versus storage balance necessary to capture the 2X better ROI that only  Battery 3.0 + OP 2.0 can deliver. The Mobisun Mobile Power Station truly is that balanced 5 legged  stool of Bankable Off-Grid  Self Sufficiency the budget minded have all been looking for, where price trumps all.