Polar Solar? Yes!

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a real “Polar Solar” Solution?Morgan winter solar install

CPV Twin Axis Solar Array, Morgan Solar, Toronto, Canada

Myth: Solar does not work in Polar Climates (North or South)


ENERGY STORAGE + Engine Generation = POLAR SOLAR, with a twist.. ,

(and a bit of Wind Power too..)

Oil and Gas aficionados would like you to think solar does not work in polar climates.

The reality is “Polar Solar” is viable, thanks in part to a big break through in Energy Storage by Electrovaya.ca (and their Litarion acquisition and integration, Mississauga,Canada). 

Yes, Lithium Battery Energy  Storage has finally come of age this year (2016),  and really helps enable next generation twin axis CPV shine in a “Polar Solar” hybrid remote power station configuration.

The Irony of Oil & Gas: Helping Polar Solar find it’s place…via OP Tech

The other “part” to the puzzle of making ” Polar Solar” work in your remote hybrid power station projects is the new  price/performance/efficiency improvements found in the “ICE” Internal Combustion Engine (Ecomotors, Achates, Baker Engineering) “OP” Opposed Piston advancements. These OP ICE advancements mean 25-50% lower capex, fuel and O&M (Operations and Maintenance) costs for the Mobisun.ca hybrid remote power station’s electricity generation  element of “Last Resort”, that is diesel, gas, NG or propane engine generation of electricity, when the wind and sun are not active, and the batteries need a boost. Such ” Unintended Consequences” for the Oil and Gas backed ICE generator segment, which are in favour of Polar Solar ,are made possible by today’s really smart Controllers/Inverters (Schneider, ABB, et al…)

So Yes, Lithium Battery Energy Storage, which is now much cheaper and more efficient (electrovaya.ca), with a 2X improvement in power density, 3X improvement in usable battery cycle life , a 10X improvement in Lithium battery safety (no more fires on puncture) ,make “Polar Solar” a reality in tandem with OP, with the qualifier being you must use CPV with a “twin axis” twist. (and a little bit of Starwind5 Low Mount Wind Power Generation 😉 )

OK WHAT’S THE TWIST?: Twin Axis CPV “Concentrated PhotoVoltaics”

Low cost, durable  CPV “Concentrated Photo Voltaic” Solar Panels are now available (right now in 2016) with low cost, durable, winterized actuators  used to tilt the panels on two axis and track the sun exactly, regardless of latitude. The result? 30% increased efficiency, at much lower (than previously thought possible) installation and mount costs, even though the panels are 10-15% more expensive. Overall its a winning combination, so don’t cost out and buy Solar Panels without considering the mount method, twin axis CPV is the only way to go with Polar Solar. (see morgansolar.wordpress.com)

LET IT SNOW, LET IT SNOW… twin axis and smart tech can handle it!

And what about the snow? Cleaning? Who is going to do that after a snow storm? (ONE MIGHT ASK…)

Interestingly the combination of micro weather station data used primarily with small wind, can supply the wind direction data to tilt the CPV solar panels in parallel with the wind to reduce and even eliminate snow cover. Awesome. Local CCTV monitoring together with monitoring data provided by the solar controller will ensure your Polar Solar CPV elements run optimally in balance with the rest of your hybrid power generation and and energy storage station. Heating is also another application which can be added to panels at additional 2-5% capex cost where it makes sense (yucky,foggy , frosty, still air days  between -5 and +3 C are the culprits in this heated CPV panel exception use case 🙂 ).


Think Balanced Hybrid Remote Power Station…think Mobisun.ca

Hybrid Remote Power Station means: Wind, Solar, Engine electricity generation integrated with advanced 5th Generation Lithium Battery Storage, and this is exactly what Mobisun.ca is all about, equipped with Starwind5 Low mount Wind Turbines, and CPV ground mounted with low cost twin axis control, like the ones seen in the picture (courtesy Morgan Solar, Toronto, Canada. It’s a remote hybrid power station combination which leads the way into 2016 and beyond! The key is getting the Balance right between the different types of generation and the energy storage element to maximize ROI with the best LCOE “Levelized Cost of Energy” to ensure your project is bankable (you will get financing). In short, Mobisun.ca and Starwind5 are here to help make your remote power generation facility project pay off big time and fast! If you can dream it we can build it. 🙂

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