Starwind5: Power Connect Basics

Starwind5 Giff  Starwind5 Power Basics


Whether it be Commercial, Utility or Residential Wind Powered Generation and Energy Storage, the Power Connect Basics are the same,  Batteries need to see DC.


An AC/DC Power Consumption Choice… however

DC  is always used for Energy Storage (Batteries, Hot Water, Compressed Air)

Starwind5 can be ordered with DC or AC Generators. The irony is the Starwind5 DC Generators actually are AC Alternators with IC “Integrated Circuit” based Bridge Rectifiers which convert the AC to DC. So at Starwind5 we use the same AC Alternator, and add an “OTS” Off the Shelf,  Bridge Rectifier Kit, which is tested, certified and supplied by our Generator  Vendor Supplier.  What this means is we have less stocking issues, a low cost, fast, limited replacement warranty under normal use,  and can offer the lowest possible Starwind5 cost to our Power Integrator partners with the best price/performance.

COG-LESS GENERATOR SETS: Starwind 5 Modular Generator System

Fast Start-up, Reliability, Variable Speed Operation, Low Cost

More importantly, we use the same Alternator/Generator, with a permanent magnet rotor and a skewed “cog-less” copper coil stator pairing, mounting the genset on the flywheel raceway to deliver the right drive ratio , depending on what Power output is needed, given the pole height and wind flow characteristics of the location.

Less cogging resistance in the  AC/DC generator sets means faster start-up to trickle charge mode, and also better overall energy capture in the face of Low Mount Wind conditions for best in class  AEP “Annual Energy Production” which is Starwind5’s speciality.

What this means for power integrators and mini-wind farm developers, is we have one Rotor Blade System size for 1.5kW up to 4.5kW in the Model 2233, and we simply add more generator sets and adjust the mount position of the flywheel raceway to maximize the AEP “Annual Energy Production” for a given site and application with the lowest LCOE “Levelized Cost of Energy” as possible and the fastest path to BE “Break-even” and the best ROI “Return on Investment”


LOTS OF CHOICES,  We help you pick & design for free

Wind Controllers can be the primary controller, or be set-up as a slave controller under the Main Solar Controller and/or Grid Controller, with a separate control and communications channel over wireless or a network/serial cable, where the two controllers use CanBus, serial or even IP Protocol, to sync their control and monitoring operations given battery levels, local use need and hoe electricity is flowing back and forth (buy/sell)to the public grid. regardless of the configuration needed, Starwind5 helps their partners for free to get this part of the set-up designed properly for maximum safety and energy production.

So what ever your choice of design is, and however much power you need or how much power you want to sell to the grid, Starwind5 is here to help, and we will get our partners connected to the right component suppliers in their local region to “Do it right”.