Grid Preparedness? Not

anybody out there Life after Grid (blackouts)

Have we really learned anything from big Blackouts? Apparently Not!

A Matter Of Time: Lessons from the Ukraine Power Grid Attack –

Distributed Power Generation and Storage in many forms is the answer, coupled with electric vehicle transport and charging. The Fossil Fuel economy transition to renewable  electric Economy is well under way, which means we need to re-think power security and safety, centered around localized distributed systems being the prime mover for most power generation and energy storage systems by 2026, where the current Power Grid shifts into the role of serving big industry, high density living and serves as backup to everything else.

Even high density living is seriously questionable, provided we figure out how to protect communications systems from EMP “Electro Magnet Pulse” damage, naturally or otherwise inflicted. The same goes for transportation, it needs EMP protection, which is so critical for food supply, which itself needs to be also de-centralized and re-located nearby consumers to avoid major melt downs in high density living areas. This means renewable powered farms & hot houses with Energy Storage.

The good news? Batteries are ready.tiny town Small Town living with EMP protected Power and Communications as well as Local clean food source is our future, where the public grid is relegated to back-up status. (Nice Natural Cloud Patterns without chem trails also.)

So it’s time to re-populate those tiny villages and towns, supported with secure, EMP proof Distributed Power Generation & Energy Storage at the community and private ownership level and relegate the current grid to a big distributed (and expensive) backup system. 🙂