Big Wind’s Conundrum

Ontario electricity demand down, but prices up: what gives? –

 Isentropic PHES Energy Storage.png

Isentropic ltd., Farnham, UK Pumped Heat Electricity Storage “PHES” coming soon..,

No energy storage for wind and solar, means no price drop, just higher prices for consumers.

Let’s get it right, if we are going to transform energy use from non renewables to renewables we need energy storage at the grid edge at point of use, and by big centralized wind generation, backed up by natural gas fired power generation as a bridge for the next 20 years, with clean coal used as an interim generation baseline supply during that period in order to take the nukes offline completely. No more Fukushima.

This is about clean air, water, food and sustainable living with sustainable sources of power, not schockonomics, with high prices for power because some SJW puppet politician uses the global warming platform to line their kadre’s pockets with huge winfalls while claiming a moral high ground that does not exist.

Rome was not built in a day fueled by false panic. Steady on the tiller, please.