Starwind5 into the Fog?

Cloud Computing is now a familiar term to those connected to the technology world. But what about the new concept referred to as “Fog Computing”? In short, Fog Computing can be treated as an extension of cloud computing model where services are available at the edge. Similar to that of cloud, Fog provides data, compute, storage […]

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Starwind5, as a small Wind Turbine Designer, Licenser, and Virtual Manufacturer, really is part of the IoE “Internet of Everything” Fog Computing Edge. Starwind5 is part of a Distributed Energy Station  “DES” solution from which is located in remote, often disconnected(off grid) sites relying more often than not on Wireless and even Satellite Internet connections to support remote activation, de-activation, tuning control and monitoring of the DES.

Fog Computing, first coined by Cisco Systems in 2014, speaks to the importance of balancing centralized “Cloud” computing with distributed “Edge” computing, networking and storage, “The Fog”, found at the edge of the Internet. Balancing Fog with Cloud insures investors get the best returns on their overall  “Cloud+Fog”investment. At Starwind5 we do our “Fog Computing & Networking” best to keep  connectivity costs low in connecting to the DES. The Starwind5 Low Mount Wind Turbine does this by providing important control and monitoring information from Starwind5 to Mobisun’s DES central controller in a format the central DES controller understands “Off the Shelf”,  and can convert this data easily into standard Internet SNMP and syslog remote control/monitoring and logging formats over TCP/IP protocols which existing WAN communications networks from local and regional providers support easily at extremely low cost.

So the “Fog” has cleared  at Starwind5 on how to best utilize Fog Computing to  connect and collaborate to the “Internet of Everything” at lowest cost. 🙂

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