Electrovaya, Tesla are Transforming Main St. Economy

Austria Considers banning gas & diesel by 2020 for EVs

Image result for Electrovaya Battery image Companies like Electrovaya, which have seen its stock price 2X in the last 3 months since January of 2016, are leading the way in transforming the Main St. Economy away from gas and diesel in select markets.  Namely  Electrovay and Tesla are in their own way, transforming the Auto industry, by fueling the growth of  EVs and  MW Battery Storage market, where the latter  effort is focused on supply  of clean power to conmmunities and “behind the fence” Enterprises. Electrovaya is acting as both a supplier of parts and components to  Battery Builders and acting as a Battery Builder themselves for specific projects, where the latter are often reaching the market under well known private labels.

While it’s still early days for both the EV and the MW Battery Market, recent pre-order growth from Tesla for their Model 3 cars (essentially Quadrupling  the size of the EV market in 2 days in early April 2016, and possibly seeing the Model 3 become the Model T of this era) points out the pent up demand that exists at the consumer level, and the general  market ‘s desire to finally see the Main St. Economy shift away from Oil & Gas, a market which has recently decimated the job count worldwide and done themselves no favors.

It’s Fantastic progress, great news and a  real welcome newsworthy shift away from the gambling on Wall St. , which is now completely divorced from real Main St. growth, where in fact  multiple Quadrillion $$$ of derivative “bets” are all coming due, which will need even more FIAT currency supplies to keep that Zimbawe US Dollar game going, in the process eroding away everyone’s networth and buying power in historic inflationary proportions, akin to Weimar  Republic and Argentinian inflation rates of days gone by. In short the world has become Zimbabwe, full of worthless FIAT currency, gambling that everyone will pay their debts even when they are jobless.

Who knows maybe Mr. Musk might even allow his customers to buy a Tesla Model 3 with “Gold backed Electronic Currency”from BitGold online, and help bridge the Main St. Economy away from Fiat currency and into a world of money backed by real value, instead of some half baked political agenda. 🙂