Chile, Bolivia and Argentina Set to break Chinese low cost Li-on Monopoly?

Oceans of Lithium –
Salt flat mining or Ocean water processing, take your pick, at current Lithium raw material prices, anything is possible in the new game of low cost lithium-ion production.

Medium Term the world’s supply channels for “Low Cost of Recovery” Lithium used in the production of Li-on Batteries will shift away from China to South America, helping to further enable green power delivery of electricity generated from clean local sources , provided Latam authorities  allow it.

Or will Latham become the new source for Lithium Batteries?  Will new methods used to extract Lithium cost effectively out of sea water take hold and also become an alternative source?

One thing is certain, the Li-ion hard rock miners are not the only game in town at the new Lithium Market price points, while under constant demand pressure will continue to stay in the short term, will certainly flatten and even fall a bit as these other channels of supply for Lithium kick in.