Building the “Apple of clean energy” — Energy in Demand – Sustainable Energy – Rod Janssen

Diane Cardwell writes an important column in the New York Times about the implications of the merger of Tesla, the electric car manufacturer, and SolarCity. Where is this all leading? But the opening sentence about imagining a world “in which every home and building is a miniature power plant” is intriguing. We are starting to […]

via Building the “Apple of clean energy” — Energy in Demand – Sustainable Energy – Rod Janssen


Oh Really? If it’s blackbox solutions you are looking for in your  clean/green power station then, yes, this is what Tesla is focused on building, except you still need an integrator to pull it all together, so maybe it’s a gray box? The reality is you will want your solution to be whitebox so you can change your home power station up to maximize your ROI,  especially as advancements in batteries, panels and wind systems continue to arrive in the market over the next 20 years of useful life they are trying to sell you.

With Li-Ion Battery prices falling through the floorboard cracks for the next few years, and lead acid practical battery life currently only 6-7 years when operated at 50% depth of discharge and also very cheap , it makes sense to look for a 5 year break-even on Lead Acid Batteries at the moment and hedge as new Li-Poly and Zinc Air batteries come to market in the next few years, or if you really want a long term investment NOW, then it’s time to step up and really buy the “platinum standard”  Li-Poly  Batteries from Electrovaya’s partner, really the only current Li-ion Battery which will actually get you a decent return and last 15-20 years, the same as your solar panels,  a level of durability and performance  in Li-ion with deep discharge which Tesla is still working on with their partners Panasonic and Samsung.