Bad Turbine! Bad!

Wind turbine fails, or, why they earn the title slice-and-dicers –

As we lumber along in Wind 2.o land, we sometimes need to be reminded with pictures, how bad it can get when things do go wrong. 

Also note the tip generating vortexes in this pic, which is the real flaw in all the Hawt designs, requiring 18 to 22 spinning diameters spacing laid horizontally between these giants so as to get the wind to settle down and straighten, straight wind isessential for optimal performance and minimal vibration, the latter being the reason for the highest failure which is broken transmissions.That said the wide spacing increases capex cable costs and power transmission losses   versus  Vawts, the latter design is now being considered as mandatory for giant offshore designs over Hawts and driven by Sandia Research in order to get to best LCoE.