Orwellian Ontario strikes again

Amherst Island: the environmental treachery of Ontario’s wind power push – http://wp.me/p2wWcm-lg

Or how Big Wind sells Ontario power to New York at a money losing discount in favor of Big commercial interests and the banks. What is wrong with this picture? 

Mega projects without storage. Bad. Trashing obvious enironment and local concerns out of hand. Bad.

Follow the money for root cause.

There are many simple, lower cost,  small distributed ways to deliver generation and storage of power with both wind and solar and new low cost, safe and cleanly manufactured energy storage from Ontario Companies like Electrovaya.

The only hurdles are poltical. 

Today, It’s a titanic struggle between central and local govts where the locals cant ever win unless they band together to sue the central governments with the local sheriffs and the courts backing them up with sane decisions which are optimizing use of tax payer money in favor of tax payers.

The Ontario Government Bolshevikism needs to be put to rest in the next election.

Wake up Ontario voters.