Tesla’s Big Subsidized Promise


For EVs where batteries are used 2 hours per day of daily consumer auto use this Tesla 70% price drop prediction or promise would be good.

However It is unlikely Tesla using current Panasonic and soon Samsung  tech and old legacy solvent based processes will compete in large MW Scale market soon where 10 hours per day is typical. The current Tesla designed battery cycle life is too small at 5000 cycles  to compete. 

If Tesla wishes to enter the MW space, Tesla will need to build a different factory using different battery cell tech suppliers with double tge cycle life.

For these 10 hour per day, 15 year life and 10000 cycle life MW battery applications look to emerging player Electrovaya to be the new MW battery market leader. Electrovaya is the new platinum standard with 400 patents, environmentally safe (no dangerous solvents) and  50% lower cost processes  (no expensive to buy and operate solvent dryer ovens).

The reality is the Nevada and US Tax payer is Subsidizing Tesla via huge tax breaks to produce old tech batteries in pretty packaging at scale in return for jobs and taking on alot of banking debt to  so, in order to fill Tesla pending orders for their EVs.