The CO2 Carbon Tax Grab & the Mini Ice Age: Time for Off-grid Energy.

The Mini-Ice Age will soon be upon this earth by as early as 2022.

This makes energy self-sufficiency as a bottom-up, home policy even more important for those of us closer to the current north or south polar extreme.
Those who subscribe to the Electro-Magnetic Universe (which debunks a gravity only view of the world, finally) also will understand a sub-component of that model: what is in effect an “Inter-planetary electro-magnetic siphoning effect theory” which could explain the Maunder Mini Ice Age set to arrive in 2022 described in this article.  We  think the  reported weakening of the Sun’s magnetic field and reduction in Sun Spot effect, is due to  the current multiple planetary body proximity,  which is now  causing this theorized electro-magnetic siphoning effect and  “quieting” the Sun’s  so called “sun spot activity”.  For those not following Solar Weather , it is reported everywhere there is Solar Weather news in the alternative media. ( not the Main “Lame” Stream Media – RIP)
In reading the UK press publication of the Russian Researcher’s scientific article about the Maunder Mini Ice Age prediction, which is based on solid scientifically recorded data and  proven data co-relation analysis (Uni. Northumbria, UK) methods, I could not help but notice the predicted Maunder frequency of occurrence of aprox. 360 years also fits with the Planet 7X data and  it’s theory of a 360 year regular interval for the arrival of a planetary intruder in our inner solar system, known by several names “Nibiru, Hercobulus, The Destroyer, etc..”. (fyi- Planet 9 is not one of these theories, where Planet 9 deals with Solar System Wobble Theory, and is quite frankly possibly more NASA/Caltech disinformation, as most will know by now, the NASA “under the hood” which is dark government budget funded, is not NASA “on the web”, and why  NASA has earned the nickname in the alt media  as “Never A Straight Answer”.
The Planet 7X theory  is only  controversial  through pure technology oriented eyes, because Planet 7X theory co-relates and treats biblical data as an historical record in relation to other non-religious historical record astronomical observations made at the same point in time by different ancient and recent cultures. More about Planet X Theory can be found here.. 
The New Uni. Northumbria discovery regarding the Maunder “Mini Ice Age” Effect frequency of occurence dovetails almost perfectly on the same timeline proposed by  Planet 7X Theory.
If we make the assumption the historical letters and scrolls found by archaeologists in Aramaic and Ancient Hebrew, which were regularly used by the ancient historical Israelites,  the same letters and scrolls which have been used, translated, transfigured and out right politicized in some cases  over the years to form the current versions of the Bible, we can avoid any confusion by simply referencing these ancient originals directly for what they are, historical records discovered through archaeological digs or document re-discoveries across different cultures, performed by credible, well trained people. In doing such a co-relation in this  manner (similar to what Planet X proponent G. Broussard offers),  it’s clear to the educated reader/researcher,  there is something to our own Planet 7X/Maunder Theory cor-relation of events.
Why care about our Planet7X/Maunder Theory  timeline event correlation?
Ok, so what does all this have to do with  the average family unit or small business pursuing an Off-Grid Energy supply strategy?
Well, plenty, is the short answer, and the solution is to just “Do it” to avoid the consequences of zero action and keep you, your family and small business safe for the long run.
The not so long answer is, IF this invader does fly by in 2017 or 2018, the electro-magnetic discharges will be enormous.  Today, we are now, just recently, seeing many occurrences of red sprites, and ground-level arching  causing animal deaths, where such phenomena such as sprites are directly linked to the magnetosphere weakening  on the earth and allowing an “electrical loop,  to both enter from, and return to space, where the loop is  root cause charged by incoming solar(sun) energy, originating as electrically charged  radiation storms, which can be seen as incoming red sprites, which then ground to earth and arc across the earth’s surface (killing everything in their way, like reindeer) and returning to space via an earth grounded discharge.
What comes with these electro-magnetic discharges are EMP “Electro Magnetic Pulse” activity in the form of lightning arcs and red sprites,  which will destroy exposed and un-shielded electronics operating in the -+3/5V DC range, in other words, all our computer controlled devices, so not just our cars and  our laptops or our smartphones or tablets, but also our power control and delivery systems that insure we get electricity out of our wall plugs. This type of  “invader” invoked extreme EMP activity will take down the centralized power generation sites and their remote power transmission and  distribution public grids which power your home today.

Carbon Tax, Carbon Schmax..

So in a weird twisted way, the mis-guided carbon tax pressures us to get into renewable energy at home or in the business,  which is a good thing, even though educated people know that
“CO2 only comprises 0.04% of the earths atmosphere, making it one of the least of the green house gasses.  During the Jurassic Period CO2 was closer to 5% of the atmosphere.  This resulted in fantastic plant growth, and animals of massive size”
-Wikipedia and other reliable sources
Which really means it’s a govt tax grab by the current regimes, so they can head for the exits, Pre-EMP storm, with their money bags full, where the ones at the top will (are) convert(ing) them to hard assets (gold, silver, land, art), to later re-emerge from their DUMBS,  once the EMP storms are over, to continue to maintain the status quo, with even greater control, rebuilding our 40,50, 65 year old public grid to maintain that central control, and making even more money, and creating even more of an income disparity gap, as they print more money and decrease your disposable income buying power in the process.  This is not a conspiracy, its plain economic fact. Think of the price of bread and how it has changed and what % it takes of your disposable income and the thinking person will understandand realize these facts to be true.

Renewable Generation AND Clean Energy Storage Incentives, Please, Not Carbon Tax.

This fake limit of 350 parts per million, is just that fake…  more carbon intake creates stronger bones which creates bigger organisms, case closed.
Which means the current government regimes promoting these ideas are more intent on maintaining the status quo “voter do not dare to think” control of the Main Stream Media, a set of ideas the educated person is not buying into, and their are now many more these educated persons than there are Main Stream media sheep, and why their ratings are the lowest all time of just 6% of the masses believing them.

Off-Grid Renewable Generation and Energy Storage: THE Game Changer.

Keep yourself, your family, your small business safe
So, if the research co-relation we are proposing is more, or less, correct, then it really is time to invest in off-grid renewable energy WITH proper EMP protection, but not because the government slaps a Carbon Tax on the tax payer, you do it because you want your family and small business to be safe.
Let’s just hope, when the current invader (pick a name),  leaves our inner solar system, that the earth tilt is  in your favor and,  your current location ends up faraway from either polar extreme, otherwise, what is clear is, you will need your own Off-Grid power, renewable or otherwise (or both), in order to survive and thrive through  the Mini Ice Age due 2022 and not expected to end until 2088, because the EMP blasts that will result during the invader close visitation to the Earth, will take out the Public Power Grid for a very, very, very long time and, you and your family, or small business, will need an alternative off-grid power source to not just survive, but also thrive, moving forward.