Starwind5 licenses <10kW Name Plate Designs to

Friday, February 24th, 2017, Toronto, Canada- Press Release, Starwind5.


As part of a worldwide exclusive agreement Starwind5 has  today, licensed their five blade, low mount, wind powered generator designs to Mobismart of Toronto, Canada for  production, sub-licensing  and re-sale  both as integrated options attached to the  Mobismart Clean Power Trailer and as standalone MobiWind Power Generation, Storage and Delivery solutions.

World’s First Clean Power Trailer with Low Mount Wind, Solar, ICE Combined.

“To our knowledge is the first Clean Power Trailer company to tightly integrate mobile/portable, tilt up wind turbines, designed to operate in Low Mount turbulent wind conditions. The Starwind5 will be utilized under the MobiWind label as a co-prime mover clean electricity generation element in parallel with their Solar electricity prime mover element and Mobismart’s optional ICE ‘Internal Combustion Engine’  prime mover of last resort, which is diesel/gas/propane power electricity generation,” Mr. Robert Reive stated, the Managing Director of Starwind5, a wholly owned subsidiary of Harvistor, a limited liability technology holding company, based out of New Jersey, USA.

MobiSmart Clean Power Trailers can be deployed with the MobiWind turbine mounted on the tow trailer for easy transport and deployment anywhere. As an option the MobiWind wind power generator can also be installed on a separate mount on rooftops or in the field and then connected to any MobiSmart Clean Power Trailer near by, as the MobiSmart Power Trailer can be optioned with a slave controller which specifically integrates and balances the MobiWind power generation in fast, simple “plug n charge” fashion.

Made in Canada, exported worldwide.

“We are quite excited to be working with MobiSmart and their main contract manufacturing partner, also in Toronto, to create the the world’s first mobile/portable Clean Power Trailer or Power Station, one which can be configured and tuned to efficiently generate, store and deliver clean power anywhere on the planet. MobiSmart’s innovative design allows their Clean Power Trailer to be shipped in quantity via standard ISO shipping containers, for delivery and use any where in the world.”

Starwind5 will fly under the MobiWind product label at MobiSmart, configured and produced in various nameplate capacities from 1.5kW up to 10kW  Name Plate, optioned with a MobiSmart Clean Power Trailer mount tilt mast,  or in separate but power connected “island”  rooftop masts and field mast options installed and connected to one or more nearby MobiSmart Clean Power Trailers.

Diesel Power Trailers are morphing into Hybrid Clean Power Trailers

Mr. Reive went on to say “In 2016 and 2017 we see the worldwide power trailer market changing rapidly, with big name vendors looking to integrate solar and wind into their existing diesel power trailer offer, and in certain market segments, these vendors want to simply replace diesel with wind/solar and battery, especially where delivery of diesel fuel, theft of diesel fuel and the related high monthly service costs of diesel systems are prevalent. MobiSmart has for the first time, after many years of design effort, been able to converge the improvement in price/power density of the latest generation of Lithium Polymer and Tubular Gel Lead Acid batteries, together with the dramatic improvement in solar power  price/power efficiency and also by adding Starwind5’s superior Low mount power output into the mix,  to create, with Mobismart’s new dynamic control logic power charging schemes,  a brand new type of Clean Power Trailer which can be configured and dynamically tuned to balance power production with storage, against  ever changing local power needs, and if necessary , balance clean generation & storage with ICE generation  and related fuel levels, to  absolutely deliver the best Cost of Energy “COE” solution in this power market segment.”

Fast Payback in 3-5 Years on Average:

MobiWind equipped Mobismart Clean Power Trailers

“Payback of MobiSmart Clean Power Trailer systems, when deployed for a variety of different applications such as permanent remote Mobile Tower Power,  temporary Roadside Signage Power, or  power for remote work sites, both temporary or long term, can occur in as little as 18 months, when replacing or augmenting diesel power. Typically  a break even point for the MobiSmart Clean Power Trailer will occur with in 3-4 years of use and operation. Since the warranty life is 10 years  for MobiSmart Clean Power Trailers and the useful life is typically 15 and extend-able with maintenance packages to 20 years, we can see that MobiSmart is going to be very busy selling, renting and maintaining many of these Clean Power Trailers for many years to come.”

For more information, to get a quote, ask for a customized  Power Trailer Solution, or to place an order for’s  standard new Clean Power Trailers, you can send Nick Efston the CEO of MobiSmart a note at

MobiSmart Clean Power Trailers can be configured with 2kW,3.5 Kilowatt all the way up to 9.5kW of Name Plate generation. End user applications can expect to get up to 60 Amp hours of continuous 2.0kW output from one full charge in the standard full configuration. Given the MobiSmart Clean Power Trailers are continually re-charging, even in low wind and dim days, users can expect properly configured systems to never run out of power. Mobismart Clean Power Trailer weights range from 4500lbs to 6000lbs depending on the configuration options selected. Grid Connection options are also available.

Early Production of the Clean Power Trailer with the MobiWind option power by Starwind5 is scheduled to commence in March with first deliveries to the first waiting customers in Canada to be delivered by June of 2017.