Mobiwind arrives in 2018

2233 Perspective on crane 20171208_134118

A WIP Shop view of the Mobiwind 3322 in prep (genset housing sidewall removed)  getting ready  for shipment to Toronto for  final Bench and Field Testing before production starts.

A journey that started in October of 2006 as an idea to really do up the Darrieus wind turbine right after several mis-starts from 1966 to present day, with its re-birth in Canada(NRC/MNR) in 1966 and further development in the USA (Flowind/Sandia/NREL) followed by derivations created in Germany, Switzerland, France, UK, Taiwan, China, and the USA etc between 1974 and today, continues full steam ahead in Canada.

The Starwind5, designed by ex-pat Canadian Robert Reive, is now heading to Toronto, for its final stages of testing in the lab and in the field in early 2018, after additional  prototype work was completed recently, partly supported  under a Canadian NSERC  applied research and early commercialization grant to ready the Starwind5 design for manufacture. This time the Darrieus  Starwind5 version has sprouted multi-stage Savonius elements which sees the turbine working as a hybrid Darrieus/Savonius  five blade design having quick consistent startup and  high wind speed aerodynamic  self regulation, all developed  under license to by Mr. Reive and to be branded as Mobiwind and integrated as part of  Mobismart’s very cool and practical Clean Power Trailer “CPT” which is set to debut and ship in the 1st half of 2018.

The Mobismart CPT combines the Starwind5 wind turbine,  Canadian Solar solar panels  and  optionally 3rd party ICE  power generation with  Discover Energy energy and fuel storage to create a  next generation, rolling, clean power station with 5.2kW NP generation and 68 kWhr or more storage to support a continuous output of 2kW, enough to power a small remote worksite,  edge mobile tower installation or a remote residence or work shop, all off-grid.

We look forward to hearing more about the Starwind5 and Mobismart journey in the next few months, so  please stay tuned. It’s also starting to look like the Ultimate Prepper Power Station!