2233 Snap ShotStarwind5 is the first Vertical Axis Wind Turbine  “VAWT” to combine both Darrieus and Savonius functions in a durable Low mount, H-Frame wind turbine design to deliver unparalleled power generation from turbulent wind locations.

The Starwind5 is equipped with Optiflow  Savonius Cups mounted on each centre strut to ensure consistent fast startup at 2.5 m/sec. wind speed, efficiently trap gusts in low and medium wind speeds up to 6 m/sec, and safely regulate the top rotational speed (rpm) at 24 m/sec wind speeds and higher  in order to protect the generator sub system, thus ensuring a 25 year useful life in the field. Starwind5 is mounted 25% to 35% lower than conventional 3 or 5 blade HAWT propeller turbines or 3 blade VAWT turbines  because of higher solidity, that is more push and flying surface, found in the specially designed five blade Starwind5 turbine and its special airfoil shapes and blade mount telemetry.

Copyright © Harvistor LLC 2015 All rights reserved.

Starwind5 began life as Darwind5 in 2011, where you can read more about this on Gizmag  here:

Starwind5’s predecessor Darwind5 on Gizmag

Starwind5 and Darwind5 share exactly the same aerodynamic airfoil properties with Starwind5 adding additional performance improvements via Optiflow, and through the use of the symmetrical rotor shape, Starwind5 can now be ordered in both clockwise and counterclockwise configurations for project sites wishing to use Starwind5 in a compact hi power/hectare foot print.


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